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NOW is the time to get your skin into shape with the help of our professional skin therapists!

Whether you are already using home care and are unsure if you’re on the right track OR you are completely new to skincare and treatments WE CAN HELP YOU.

We will design  a tailored 6 week programme based around your current routine and your skin concerns and goals. All we need from you is commitment!

With the focus on skin this month we will be offering exclusive skin programmes discounted at around 20% off PLUS with every programme purchased you will receive 20% off all homecare!!

Hurry don’t miss out, book your consultation today!

Call today and start getting the results you want for your skin.

*** PS we like to practice what we preach at Belen (plus we love skin) The model in our poster is one of our gorgeous team members Beryl. As you can see the results speak for themselves.*****



This month we have an amazing offer ,but hurry be sure to make your appointment as this special books out extremely quick!!!

Our Standard Microdermabrasion (face only) this month only $65  normally $85!!

The ideal exfoliation treatment to have your skin feeling fresher and smoother, ideal for both men and women. Perfect first time skin treatment or great to boost your current results: 

  • Double Cleanse
  • Exfoliation
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Sonophoresis Infusion ( to penetrate active ingredients  deeper for maximum results)
  • Customised Masque
  • Finishing products

Also In November, We will also have a couple of treats for our skin savvy clients….. we are currently designing a new facial based around the just released B2 mask from Ultraceauticals and we will be featuring all things Vitamin C from Dermalogica,  so keep an eye out….


Remember December is always a busy time of the year particularly in shopping centresso time to plan ahead and schedule your treatments in now

What’s NEW……… Just Landed in Salons!!

From Dermalogica

Product Image

• Mattifies–Ultra-light weight moisturizer provides a long-lasting matte finish.
• Protects –Proven to help shield skin from UVrays, pollution, make-up and dehydration without clogging pores.
• Hydrates–Combats the dehydrating effects of environmental stress.
• Certified cruelty-free, gluten-free and vegan.

Tips From The Team 

How to Store your Skincare correctly 

Home storage habits can affect how well your skin care products work on your skin and how long they last for! High-quality skin care in airless pumps and tubes can remain highly-effective for long periods when stored away correctly. But every product becomes vulnerable to air, temperature and bacteria as soon as it is opened.

Heat – ALWAYS keep products in a cool, dry area. Hot temperatures shorten the product life and effectiveness of active ingredients particularly in our treatment serums and also sunscreens! The fridge is a great place for toners, masks and some eye treatments as they also provide a cooling refreshing benefit to the product.

Jars – products packaged in jars are more vulnerable to bacteria and quicker loss of efficacy as they are exposed to air every single time you use the product. Make sure to always keep lid closed properly when you are not using it, and to avoid contamination  try to use a tool such as a cotton tip to scoop the amount you need from the jar so you are not having to dip your fingers in! 

Expiry Dates –  generally as a rule most products that have NOT been opened will last for about 2 years.  Once you have opened the product it will have on the back of it a PAO (Period After Opening Label) this will give you an indication how long your product will stay good for once unsealed. It may still be safe to use them if they look and smell ok, it just may mean the product will not be as effective. Products containing sunscreens will have an expiry date on them and should not be used past this date!

 Just a reminder we are still offering FREE postage on all product purchases. So if you’re stuck for time or don’t want to face the car park and shops simply give us a call and we’ll organise for you.

Your Team at Belen xx