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June Newsletter

June Newsletter

Good Morning and welcome to another edition of our newsletter.

June is here and winter is definitely upon us, time for warm wholesome food with a nice glass of red. Had a lovely Chicken Paprikash with a glass or 2 of Serafino GSM, both were delicious and for those interested it was the Daring Gourmet Recipe.

 Winter is a great time to experience the more advanced skin treatments and this month we have our A-Zyme Peel on special, its fantastic for all skin types, Dr Heber the founder of Ultraceuticals says it’s his must have treatment, and will have your skin feeling and looking more radiant.

It might even be time to ask about micro needling without doubt the best results focused treatments we have on offer. Talk with Jordyn or Amy when you are next in…. they can probably do a deal for you too.

For our Ultraceuticals lovers you can buy 2 products this month and receive a free eyecream choose from Ultra C firming eye cream or Ultra A perfecting eye cream or Ultra Moisturiser

There are 2 new products from the Dermalogica stable, a milk exfoliant coming out on the 7th and recently released Mist, More details below.

Tanya’s product of the month and an article of the benefits of retinol in skincare

IMPORTANT….. is up and running for online bookings and gift vouchers

June Promotion – Ultraceuticals A-Zyme Peel
Normally $150, this month $120

The powerhouse of all treatments. This fast-acting, non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment combines proven anti-ageing ingredients Retinol and Bromelain to refresh, hydrate and plump the skin. Works quickly to dramatically diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, even skin tone and improve overall skin luminosity.

If you experience any of the below concerns, consider amplifying your results by adding regular A-Zyme Peel Treatments alongside your at-home skincare regimen.

–          Fine lines and wrinkles

–          Loss of firmness

–          Dull, dry skin lacking in radiance

–          Congestion

–          Hyperpigmentation

Retail Promotion – while stocks last

Purchase any 2 Ultraceuticals products and receive a free eyecream valued at $116. Choose from the Vitamin A or C cream

Click on the attached link for more info about the eycreams
New from Dermalogica

Daily Milkfoliant …..$99

Calming oat-based powder exfoliant, smooths and calms skin while restoring the moisture barrier.

Key benefits:
•Gently polishes to reveal smoother,more vibrant skin
•Replenishes and supports skin’s moisture barrier
•Relieves skin with calming and soothing ingredients

Hyaluronic Ceramide Skin Mist …. $69

Saturate the skin with hydration and lock in moisture.Long-lasting hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and ceramide mist helps to smooth fine lines and strengthen skin’s barrier.

 Moisture barrier-boosting Hyaluronic Acid and ceramide formula helps smooth the appearance of fine lines, sealing in hydration for supple skin that bounces back from stress.

Calming, aromatic Rose Water with antioxidant-rich polyphenols and flavonoids helps to revive and refresh leaving the skin feeling smooth and soft.Tanya’s wonder product

One of my favourite products is Ultra A Skin Perfecting Serum Mild.
I use this amazing product every second day for its anti aging properties and because it’s a great allrounder.

Retinol (Vitamin A) is arguably the most renowned ingredient in cosmeceuticals for its ability to help reduce the first signs of premature skin aging, helping my skin to look smoother, plumper, and more refined.

It also helps improve the appearance of uneven skin tone and congestion.

I’d recommend it for almost everybody and use it in the evening with a night time moisturiser.

Skin Health Tip…. Retinoids

By now, you’ve likely heard how amazing retinoids are for the skin — and with good reason!

They’ve been proven in study after study, to encourage cellular turnover, stimulate collagen, help treaacne, soften wrinkles, fade pigmentation, and give the skin an overall youthful glow. Their existence to the skin care industry is what the Queen is to the world: royalty.However not all retinoids are the same. Retinoids are a huge family of compounds derived from Vitamin A. There are several forms from over-the-counter to prescription strength. Retinol, retinyl palmitate and and retinoic acid are ones to look out for in OTC products.

Many assume their skin is will thin, but quite the opposite is true. Since retinoids stimulate collagen production, it actually helps to thicken the skin. This is beneficial because one of the natural signs of getting older is thinning skin. In addition, they’re a “cell communicating” ingredient. This means their job is to “talk” to skin cells and encourage healthier, younger cells making their way to the surface of the skin.

It’s easy to assume the skin is exfoliating itself since some of the side effects are peeling and flakiness. However, those side effects are actually a result of irritation and dryness until the skin acclimates, as retinoids don’t have the ability to clear or dissolve dead skin cells on their own.

Often, daily use is the goal, but you’ll still reap the benefits by using it a few times a week, too. How fast the results happen also depend on the strength and type of retinoid.

The reputation of retinoids is that they’re a “harsh” ingredient. Sure, they can be a little aggressive, but people with sensitive skin can still happily use them with just a little modification. It’s best to start off cautiously with once or twice a week application under the guidance of your skin care professional

And when should you start using retinoids, If you’re interested in treating or taking preventive measures for wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, scarring, and more, then your late 20s or early 30s is a great age to start because it’s around this timeline when the body starts to produce less collagen.

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